It’s the charades-inspired word-guessing game made popular in the ‘80s tv show Win, Lose or Draw.

In our version, audience members select a word or phrase and draw it on a special tablet that projects the image on monitors.  The rest of the audience tries to guess the answer.  The names of all the “artists” and winning guessers go in a hat for a prize drawing at the end of the game!

Prizes are determined by the venue.

Logo Game


From famous cars to candy bars, Logo is all about popular products, commercials, slogans and more. When you correctly identify a logo, you get points towards a final game prize.

Prizes are determined by the venue.

Let's Make A Deal


Monty Hall’s Let’s Make A Deal began back in 1963 and is currently hosted by Wayne Brady.  It’s a whacky trading show, and our version is no exception!

You never know what odd item in you pocket or purse might be traded for a prize!

Prizes are determined by the venue.

Mad Gab

 It's not what you Say, it's what you Hear! Try this: dew wino hue. Repeat the words a few times aloud, and you're sure to guess that you are actually saying “do I know you?”

In our version Mad Gab, individuals or teams work to decipher groups of unrelated words into real phrases before time runs out.

Prizes are determined by the venue.

Match Game

Remember television’s Match Game? Gene Rayburn hosted the original and Alec Baldwin host the current revival of the comedy-game show hybrid in which contestants try to match answers given by celebrities.

In our version, one contestant tries to match the entire audience with humorous, and often risqué, fill-in-the-blank questions! This group-participation game is hilarious!

Prizes are determined by the venue.


Our Trivia game is like no other!  The questions and, eventually the answers, are all displayed on monitors positioned around the venue.  Teams work together and submit questions to the emcee, who announces the running score at regular intervals.

Play consists of two rounds of questions, a half time bonus question, two more rounds and a final bonus question.  The team with the highest final score wins the game and the prize.

Prizes are determined by the venue.